Who We Are?

Macnus Solutions is the leading provider of IT solutions and business promotions in Coimbatore, India. We are the highly skilled Professional Web Design and Development Company in Coimbatore. We provide an inclusive of Innovative, Planning and Technical Web Services including

  • Website Design
  • Web Application Development
  • Android Application Development
  • Software Development
  • Promotional Video Making
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, SMO)

Macnus Solutions Web Expertise of Professional having 10+ years of experience to Advise you to Reach your Target from the Small Business to Enterprise Business in Web Services.

Our Web Designers, and Web Developers are Building an Excellence Business Corporate Websites. We Provide Complete Website Service, which begins with Planning, Designing, Developing and brings from end to end Internet Marketing Online presence, and Maintain. You can visit our projects that we have recently launched in our Website Portfolio


Our Process:

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Planning Process
  • Designing Process
  • Home page confirmation from client
  • Development update
  • Testing
  • Admin Backend Training
  • Maintance
  • Internet market Services


Our mission and aim is to keep you happy and satisfied with our deliverables.


To provide Innovative IT solutions and IT related services with global vision for business enterprises in a developing competitive environment.

Happy Customers

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Connor Gibson, Interface Designer

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Sammy Widerski, Computer Engineer

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Nikolas Brooten, Sales Manager

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